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About us

We strive to identify areas of high priority where citizens and healthcare professionals feel there is a gap in health and care delivery. We match these gaps with innovative technologies and bring together the expertise from our research groups, healthcare professionals and citizens in Leeds to create a joined up approach to delivering solutions. Our solutions are developed to provide a wider range of options which can be applied to suit an individual’s requirements.

Vision and purpose

Our vision is to:

“Transform the health, wealth and wellbeing of our citizens through globally-leading personalised medicine and healthcare services, research, innovation and enterprise.”


To achieve our vision, we will


We will do this by identifying and exploring the health and care needs of our citizens. We will then match their needs with innovative technologies to develop bespoke solutions. By creating cross-sector partnerships and using real-world data, we will be able to evaluate the solutions more quickly, reducing the time it takes to embed these solutions as part of routine care.