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Covid-19 has led to a dramatic re-prioritisation and re-alignment of health and care research to support clinical acute needs in the short to medium-term. The requirement for diagnostic solutions to Covid-19 is particularly pressing.

A critical national priority is to expand Covid-19 testing capabilities and capacity. In particular, it is vital to mobilise research on rapid point of care diagnostics for use in communities and hospitals. This is vital to be able to quickly identify sick people, treat them effectively, and estimate how widely the virus has spread.

As a result, Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health (LCPMH) in collaboration with NIHR Leeds In-vitro Diagnostic Co-Operative (NIHR Leeds MIC) is exploring how we can best support the national integrated Covid-19 diagnostic platform currently being established by the National Institute of Health Research Urgent Public Health Committee.

We will update you as soon as we can, with more details of the work LCPMH is doing in this vital area of medical research.


Around the world, health and care systems are facing huge challenges. People are living longer but not necessarily healthier lives. Most of us are well aware that there is an urgent need to transform our approaches to treating disease, preventing ill health and maintaining wellbeing.

When it comes to preventing ill health and providing care, one size does NOT fit all.

Scientific and medical advances and new technologies are helping us better understand disease and ill health. This means we can make more informed decisions for individual people, enabling timely prevention and more effective, efficient and higher quality of care.

We are helping transform the health and wellbeing of Leeds citizens by improving the speed and quality at which new health and care technologies are evaluated and adopted into the NHS.

These technologies need to address the needs of our population and also help us achieve a financially sustainable healthcare system.

News and events

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    A new campaign in Leeds is urging women not to delay taking part in cervical screening during the coronavirus pandemic through the launch of a new safety video. Although screening was paused during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, services are back up and running across Leeds with Covid-secure measures in place, such as… Read more »

  • Research into frailty enables personalised care for older people

    Professor Andy Clegg explains how his research is helping slow down frailty, enabling people to live healthier for longer and bring greater efficiencies for health and care services.

  • New Funding for LCPMH Frailty Flagship

    Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health (LCPMH) numbers amongst organisations from across the North, to receive funding of £3.4m; £1.2m from Health Data Research (HDR) UK, with the balance made up by partner organisations.

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Our work

We have a number of exciting projects being developed. More information will be released soon.

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